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Ordering Your Commercial Wheelchair Lift - What You Should Know

Over the last ten years we have developed a purchasing process that minimizes any potential for error. Throughout this process we guide you through a successful installation. To begin the process, our wheelchair lift specialist gathers as much information about your unique requirements as possible. We review the location of the installation, the lift requirements, measurements, and special considerations. If there are architects, sub contractors, inspectors, or other involved parties we record their contact information for future information distribution at your request. After reviewing the initial requirements we put together a proposal that will contain prices, drawings, recommendations, and instructions. When you review the initial proposal and determine that it meets your needs, we then review it with other parties at your discretion for potential changes. If the inspector for example, requires something unique to your location we then add that requirement to the proposal and start the process over again until such time as it is agreeable to everyone involved.

Once the proposal is accepted we record the details of the proposal, including drawings and delivery arrangements. We email or fax the finished documents to you for sign off approvals. These approvals will contain everything we have discussed, including every component of the commercial wheelchair lift you have purchased. By engaging this process and carefully following it through to completion we have taken every step possible to insure that your purchase will meet with your expectations, and satisfy all interested parties.

Procedures, codes, and regulations for installing and operating wheelchair lifts are in a constant state of change. There are changes at the local level all the way to the national. We endeavor to stay informed of these changes in order to provide you with the maximum amount of current information. The ultimate responsibility for the selection and placement of any commercial wheelchair elevator lift rests with you, the purchaser. This is why we include extensive, written measures approved by you in our process. Once you verify and sign off on our proposal you will know exactly what you are getting and how delivery will be provided.

We are always ready to help. Call 800-470-8940 To Speak With Our Specialists.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for reviewing this information, and we appreciate your review of our products.


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