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Carriers For Inside Your Vehicle

Call for help and the lowest prices.Inside wheelchair and scooter carriers mount inside your vehicle. Once installed, an inside carrier will bring your wheelchair or scooter from outside the vehicle and move it inside the vehicle. Except for truck bed installations, this means your mobility device will be protected from the elements as you travel to your destination. Most lifts use a boom arm that rotates from inside the vehicle to outside the vehicle to pick up your power chair or scooter. 

Interior wheelchair lifts can be a little more expensive than an exterior wheelchair lift or carrier, but can also save your wheelchair or mobility scooter from "wear and tear', prolonging your investment. 

For more information, read our Wheelchair Lift Guide for cars, trucks, and SUV's or call 1-800-470-8910 for immediate assistance. All you need to do is tell our vehicle lift specialist the make and model of your vehicle and wheelchair or scooter and they will easily be able to match them, making your purchase simple and easy. Call today!


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