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Scooter Lifts

Call for help and the lowest prices.

Sometimes traveling with your mobility scooter can be a hassle or seem difficult. With a mobility scooter lift for your vehicle, traveling with your scooter will be a breeze. We have a wide selection of manual and power operateed scooter lifts that are extremely easy to operate.

You can also choose between a lift that will store your scooter in the trunk of your car, SUV, or van OR behind your vehicle. These are referred to as interior and exterior lifts and carriers. 

The interior lift obviously offers more protection for your scooter inside your vehicle. Exterior lifts and carriers can cost significantly less, but it also means exposing your scooter to the outside elements while traveling. We do sell scooter covers that will offer protection from this though, if you happen to drive a smaller car that cannot fit an interior scooter lift.

Give our scooter lift specialists a call today so that we can match your scooter up to the make and model of your car. We will then let you know what choices you have before making your purchase. We have an extensive database that allows us to match a lift to virtually any car, truck or SUV, so call us today! 1 (800) 470-8910

Be sure to read our Vehicle Scooter Lift Guide for tips on selecting the right scooter lift for your car, truck, or SUV. 


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