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Wheelchair Lift - Lower Level Entry To The Elevator Lift

Entrance To Lower Level Of The Elevator Lift

In many, but not all, cases you will be planning for a handicap wheelchair lift to accommodate a person in a wheelchair. You may notice two important points in this video. One, the floor is level concrete and will not be disturbed, and two, the lower level door opens to the outside leaving clear access for a handicap lift.

As you will see in subsequent videos, all wheelchair lifts will set upon a 2 inch frame. This means that the floor of the lift will be two inches above the concrete. If wheelchair access is required you will have to plan on having a ramp of approximately 2 feet directly in front of the lift platform to facilitate ease of access. Keep in mind that you will have to raise the height of the door opening to accommodate the ramp or remove the lower 2 inches of the door. In this example the customer will not need a ramp and decided to leave the access as shown.

The door to the lower level opens out, which is an advantage in this example. Once a person enters the apartment through the front door the lift will be accessed to the immediate left. The door to the shaft will also open outward from right to left in this example. Should it happen that access is more convenient from left to right that option is available at no additional cost.

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