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Wheelchair Lift - Upper Level Exit From The Elevator

Wheelchair Elevator Upper Level Exit Planning

Before measuring for available space you should get a set of plans for the lift showing the dimensions. The dimensions will differ based upon the access options so you must carefully review the drawings and measure twice before ordering or remodeling. In this example we are installing an adjacent access lift, and we have allowed for the additional width called for by the plans provided.

The wheelchair elevator carriage floor will stop level with the upper level floor in the apartment and may be adjusted for a precise stop.

When planning keep in mind that the access to the elevator motor and emergency crank is located at the top of the tower. Placing an access door in the back of the upper portion of the shaft is advised.  This will be noted in later videos as well.

Gates on the wheelchair lift carriage will not be required since we are installing a shaft and doors for this example.

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