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Wheelchair Lift Elevator Shaft Construction

Constructing The Wheelchair Elevator Shaft

There are a number of things of importance in this stage of the preparation for the wheelchair lift. Notice that only two walls have been framed in, leaving open access for placement of the lift, making future installation work much easier, and in some examples possible.

The doors have been cut and set in place. Notice that the sil above the door has been beveled. This beveling is required to eliminate what are called pinch points, or shear points. It is much better to have toes or other items pushed in by the bevel as opposed to the alternative of shearing. All wheelchair lifts have safety pans on the bottom of the carriage to stop the lift if something gets underneath, but pinch points at the rails and floor must be addressed in the installation. The suggested dimensions we provide for the shaft allows for spaces between the rails and wall, and the bevels address the floor to door points.

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