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Walk-In Tubs Allow People to Retain Their Independence

Posted June 17, 2013
Walk-In Tubs are one of the many ways to help those with disabilities to retain a sense of dignity and independence. These tubs are much like a regular bathtub, but for one key difference: the tub has been converted to be accessible to those with limited mobility. This can be done in a variety of ways, from a full door cut-out sealed to keep the water in, to a ramp allowing a wheelchair to access a shower area.
Tubs like this are a great option for those with mobility issues because in many cases, it allows them to bathe themselves. Especially for seniors or those who are newly disabled, the thought of needing help bathing can be a humiliating prospect. With a walk-in tub, this fear can be abated by allowing the disabled person to access the tub on their own and accomplish personal care tasks with greater ease.
For those who like a soothing, spa-like experience, there are even walk-in tubs with air and water jet options available. This can also be beneficial because the jaccuzi-like effect can help improve circulation. Not to mention the affect is relaxing, and relaxation is beneficial to just about anyone. For those who want just a regular bathtub, a walk-in tub gives them a way to access the tub without having to step over a high ledge, which may not be possible for those with disabilities.
The benefits of these types of tubs are astounding, when you think about it. After all, there are few routines more sacred to most people than personal hygiene. The walk-in tub is but one option in a gamet of those designed to help those with mobility problems, but it is definitely something to look at in the scheme of things. After all, there is nothing better than enabling someone with a disability to take charge of their life.
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