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Stay in Your Home, a Stair Lift can Make it Happen

Posted May 6, 2013
Some people never even think about the fact that they won't be able to get up or down the stairs in their own home. It becomes a reality to an astonishing number of Americans each year. Many of them automatically think that moving is the smartest decision; but is moving really the most affordable or convenient option? In most cases it's not. Stair lifts are more customizable than ever before, with some models having the ability to maneuver curves, landings, or even any type of staircase you can think of!
That customized staircase you were so proud of when you built the house is no longer an obstacle. It does not matter if it is a graceful spiral, has a 90° turn, 180° turn, or has multiple landings. Getting up and down it can be accomplished. Modern technology has gone far beyond computers and into architectural design for universal accessibility.
Stair lifts come in an electric version or they can battery operated. The latter may be a consideration if you live in an area that has frequent power outages.  The installation ranges from the do-it-your-self, to having it fully installed. This accessibility offers you long-term reliability. Down the road, if walking becomes harder… having a means of mobility available on the first and second floor, such as a wheelchair, means you can remain in your home for a long as you feel comfortable getting around.
There is something special about being able to stay in a home that feels like home, because it is your home. Why try to recreate a home elsewhere, when, with the proper equipment, you can stay right where you want to be. Check our site and explore all that we have available for finding increased means of mobility.
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