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Stair Lifts Explained

AmeriGlide Stair LiftOf all the mobility products we sell, the one with more names than any other is the stair lift: stair chairs, stair climbers, stairway elevators – the list goes on. By whatever name, a stair lift is a chair that rides up and down a stairway on a track, powered by electric current. Contrary to popular belief, a person does not have to be handicapped or disabled to make use of, and appreciate, a stair lift. We have created this guide in hopes that we can answer many of your questions about this product, and explain how they may enhance your day-to-day life experience.


Different Approaches to Stair Lift Engineering


We sell stair lifts of every design, and have for the last ten years. It is a source of interest that we encounter sales pitches that demean the engineering design of other stairlifts. In short, it is just that - a sales pitch and nothing more. Some stair lifts are designed to operate with cables, others with gears and teeth, and still others with worm drives (screw drives). The various manufacturers have long ago worked out the bugs with their designs, and re-engineered them to eliminate serious disadvantages. We do not encounter serious design flaws in the modern world of stair lifts from any manufacturer. Accordingly, we do not think design should be a serious consideration. Cable drives tend to be slightly quieter than rack and pinion drives for obvious reasons, but not significantly enough to warrant concern.

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