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Residential Wheelchair Lifts - When a Ramp Just Won't Do

Posted May 27, 2013
The need to depend on a wheelchair to get from point A to point B can be a challenging, daunting, task. Moving on flat ground is not a problem but when any type of stairs are involved getting to point B may seem impossible for the handicapped individual. Usually the initial resolve to the problem is to install a wheelchair ramp. But some wheelchair ramps can be difficult to use, even dangerous if not properly installed and maintained. 
According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), "In 2003, more than 100000 wheelchair related injuries were treated in emergency departments in the US." The NCBI went on to state that the primary factors for the wheelchair-related injuries were, "slippery or close bathroom quarters, stairs, ramps and curbs, and other." With those statistics it may be time to think about whether wheelchair ramps are really the best and safest way to go or maybe residential wheelchair lifts are a better option.
Although wheelchair ramps can cost under $100 for a portable ramp and into the thousands for permanent fixtures, a ramp may not always suffice. Not only can a ramp feel like a roller coaster ride, they can be difficult to get up them and scary coming down. Ramps can also be dangerous for children and if living in an area that has snow and ice in the winter months can be especially dangerous.
For safety, ease, and peace of mind, residential wheelchair lifts may be the answer. Whether you're in need of mobility assistance inside or outside your home, Universal Accessibility has a device that will solve your problem. Check out our residential wheelchair lifts or any of our other products. For questions or concerns please contact us and tell us how we can make your life easier.
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