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Reasons to Make Your Business Handicap Friendly

Posted June 10, 2013
We all know the ADA requires businesses to be accesible to handicap and wheelchair bound citizens-to an extent. Based on the fact that 25 million people worldwide are handicap and 1.6 million are wheelchair bound in America alone, it is sade to say that most of us know someone in a wheelchair. You also probably know that the requirements by the ADA can be helpful to these people-to an extent.
Businesses that go the extra mile beyond ADA requirements don't just please these 1.6 million brave individuals, but they also please the countless people worldwide that know them and know their public discomfort when a business does not go that extra mile to put them-and us-at ease. Here's a couple reasons for businesses to take that extra step and how Universal Accessibility can help:
1. Is the Ramp Really Enough?
We all know the ADA requires businesses to provide ramps for wheelchair bound customers and handicap individuals next to their stairs. However, it can be an inconvenience and sometimes require a lot of effort for these folks. Universal Accessibility provides some great products like Handicap Lifts and Stair Lifts that are perfect for these situations and come at a reasonable cost!
These customers of businesses have to work enough already in their day to day lives, so why make them work when they are enjoying their leisurely time? Businesses that go this extra mile in installing Handicap Lifts or Stair Lifts along with ramps don't just please and comfort those 1.6 million people, but they show the rest of the world that every customer, no matter the disability, is a priority.
2. It's Just Good For Business.
Universal Accessibility has the mission of making homes, businesses and public places handicap accessible. This means everything from Stair Lifts to Vertical Platform Lifts. We can provide Universal Designs for businesses to help them reach customers that may need the extra help in getting from Point A to Point B or customers that truly do need and demand the extra help like so many wheelchair bound citizens mentioned before.
By looking at where your business was forced to meet ADA guidelines and asking yourself what else you could do beyond the requirements, you are putting your customer first. Accessibility is something customers with disabilities crave and every customer appreciates. Why not a Stair Lift to fit alongside that ramp or a Vertical Platform Lift for certain sections of your business?
As a business, you know what is right and what you need and we are here to help!
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