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Stratos AC Residential

Stratos AC Residential
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The Stratos VPL represents a new generation and evolution in VPL's. New technologies introduced in the Stratos VPL make this VPL series more reliable, easier to use, easier to service, easier to troubleshoot, and the premiere market choice for platform lift solutions.

Innovation is at the heart of this next generation Vertical Platform Lift. The Stratos VPL is an outstanding choice for vertical lifting solutions in the home or in light commercial settings where an elevator is impractical or unnecessary.

  • Guardian System: 4 bright, high-contrast LED status lights give continual performance feedback from the lift's control board. Monitoring almost every critical system, Guardian can provide immediate feedback and guidance.
  • SteadyDrive: Ensures a smooth, quiet and stable lift.
  • ReadyUPS System: True battery back-up option that can deliver at least 5-cycles in the event of power loss.
Lifting Capacity750 lb
Standard Lift Height53"
Maximum Lift Height Upgrade171"
Arrives AssembledYes
Drive System1" Diameter Acme Screw Drive
Optional Drive SystemsNone Available
Battery Powered OptionYes
Constant Pressure Platform ControlYes
Emergency Stop Platform ControlIncluded
Alarm ButtonOptional
Keyed Platform ControlOptional
Call-Send ControlsOne Per Stop Included
Optional Call-Send ControlsKeyed and/or Wireless
Platform TypeSolid with Non-Skid Coating
Platform Size36" x 48" (34" Usable Width)
Optional Platform Sizes36" x 60" (34" Usable), 42"x 54" (34" Usable), 42" x 60" (40" Usable)
Platform ConfigurationStraight-Thru Access
Optional Platform ConfigurationsSame Side Entry-Exit, 90 Degree Adjacent Access
Upper Landing GateOptional
Upper Access RampNone Available
Lower Access Ramp36" Fixed or Auto-Folding Standard, Optional 42" Fixed or Auto-Folding
Grab RailIncluded
Guard Panel36", Optional 42"
Maximum Stops3
Lift Speed (FPM)10
PortableNone Available
Other OptionsFire-Rated Doors, Automatic Door Openers
What Vertical Height Does Your Lift Need To Reach?
53" Vertical Height - $0
77" Vertical Height - $730
101" Vertical Height - $1840
125" Vertical Height - $3450
AC or DC Power?
AC Electric Power Lift - $0
DC Battery Power Lift - $984 (enough power to work for up to 20 uses with power out)
Fully Assembled and Crated?
Extra charges only applied when elevator lift is delivered fully assembled.
Small elevator platforms - 36" x 48"/36" x 54" - $460
Large elevator platforms - 36" x 60"/42" x 54" - $691
What Size Platform?
Straight-Thru Entrance Access - 36" x 48" Platform - $0
Straight-Thru Entrance Access - 36" x 54" Platform - $153
Straight-Thru Entrance Access - 36" x 60" Platform - $245
Straight-Thru Entrance Access - 42" x 54" Platform - $522
90-Degree Elevator Entrance Access - 36" x 54" Platform - $368
90-Degree Elevator Entrance Access - 36" x 60" Platform - $522
90-Degree Elevator Entrance Access - 42" x 54" Platform - $784
Control Boards
Residential Lift Electronic Control Board - $0
Commercial Lift Electronic Control Board - $308
Elevator Entrance Access Choices
Adjacent or Straight-Thru Access - $0
Entry/Exit access on the same side requires that the vertical lift be at least 101" - $368
Lift Gate Options
If your lift is taller than 96", it is required to have a gate or interlocks installed.
Interlocks & 3 foot Straight-Thru Gate - $615
Interlocks & 3 1/2 foot Straight-Thru Gate - $915
Interlocks & Adjacent Access Entrance Gate - $984
Lockable Controls - $39
Lift Controls
Constant Pressure Rocker Switch w/ Emergency Stop - $0
Emergency Stop Alarm - $122
Lighted Button For Emergency Stop - $197
Entrance/Exit Gate Control Options
Call/Send Controls - $129
Call/Send Wireless Controls - $458
Elevator Options
Inside Grab Bars & SideWalls up to 36" - $0
Sidewalls 42" - $153
Interlock Options
Top Entrance/Exit Electro-Mechanical Interlock - $279
Top Entrance/Exit Electric Strike Interlock (choose metal or wood) - $639
Interlock Wiring For Each Entrance/Exit - $159
Electric Strike Interlock Keyed Dead Latch - $129
Entrance/Exit Ramp
Automatic Ramp - $0
Stationary Ramp - $0
Entrance/Exit Gates
36-inch Wide Gate, only Interlocks (no call/send) - $779
42-inch Wide Gate, only Interlocks (no call/send) - $959
36-inch Wide Gate for each entry/exit w/ call/send option & Interlocks- $859
42-inch Wide Gate for each entry/exit w/ call/send option & Interlocks - $1039
Lift Accessories
Anchor Bolts - $0
Front Tower Panel - $65
Emergency Light - $122
Telephone Jack - $122
Tower Braces - $164
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Product Reviews

3 reviews 
Certified Customer
Well made equipment
Nov 27, 2017 1:12 PM
A Little About Myself
Master electrician, handiman
Well made.All parts fit well. Easy assembly.
Assembly instructions are not very detailed. Assembly photos are poor in quality.
Service & Delivery
Picked up at trucking terminal and Installed myself.
Unit is very heavy.Assembly instructions could be improved. For instance-It has you install all the bolts in the side panels only later you have to remove them on the folding ramp end to install the ramp brackets.No clear direction as to what to do with the bottom call button or the loop of extra wire for the optional gate controls.
Universal Accessibility replies:
Thank you for the review Jim. We're taking a look at the installation instructions to see where we can make improvements. We appreciate the constructive criticism! Glad you're enjoying the product.
5 of 6 people found this review helpful
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Certified Customer
Hercules 600 residential wheelchair lift
Sep 14, 2016 11:15 PM
A Little About Myself
Son & installer of the lift,
It was delivered with out issue sooner than expected. It took 3 people to get the unit in the house and only 2 of us set it up in bout 3 hours, It was preset in the factory and I did not have to do any adjusting.
I had to remove the platforms legs (2 bolts) to get it on the 32 inch doorway. It was about 800lbs but it did not feel that heavy when we installed it, They could send better instruction for setup.
Service & Delivery
service department was great, I had to call because I pulled some wires out of a connector, they took a photo and emailed me what to do
Great product my mother uses it every day and it is no longer a big deal to go up and down the stairs. She uses a walker and very simple to walk on lower/raise and walk off.
17 of 17 people found this review helpful
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Huge Help!
Jan 26, 2011 4:18 AM
A Little About Myself
Shipping was very timely and all sales were handled very professionally. Installation went well, for a first timer, do-it-yourself type.
Had to make some field condition adjustments on the wiring and the battery backup was not included in the shipment.
Very functional. Definitely a better option than using an extensive supply of ramps.
131 of 147 people found this review helpful
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