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Universal Accessibility Announces New Interior Vehicle Lift

Raleigh, NC - June 3, 2010 - Universal Accessibility, an online retailer of medical and mobility products, announced the addition of a new interior vehicle lift to their product offerings today. The AmeriGlide Extender Mini SUV is a battery-powered, remote-operated lift for power wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters which is specifically designed for use with smaller SUVs, minivans, and crossover vehicles. Modeled after the successful AmeriGlide Extender SUV, this lift differs from its larger counterpart in the inclusion of an adjustable platform which can be shortened to as small as 34" or expanded to a maximum length of 42", allowing the lift device to be installed in smaller vehicles than the standard Extender SUV. Despite its increased versatility, the Extender Mini SUV sacrifices no lifting power, retaining the impressive 350-pound lift capacity of its predecessor.


Universal Accessibility's marketing and design teams were hard at work upon the announcement of the Extender Mini SUV adding the product to the website in anticipation of customer demand. The company's Vice President of Sales, Tim Ziehwein, expressed confidence in the new product. "The AmeriGlide Extender series is very popular among users of interior mounted lifts, and the adjustable nature of the Mini SUV model will allow even more users to enjoy a drive-on lift device as smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles become more popular in the new green economy," said Ziehwein. "We hope customers who were unable to use the other Extender models because of size restrictions will give the Extender Mini SUV a good look - this is a product we've been looking forward to adding to our websites since the design was originally unveiled to industry insiders."


In addition to the Extender Mini SUV wheelchair and scooter lift, Universal Accessibility offers a large selection of mobility and accessibility products, such as stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, accessibility ramps, and walk-in bathtubs. Be sure to visit their vehicle lift page for detailed specifications on the Extender Mini SUV, or to see their entire selection of vehicle lifts.

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