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Positioning The Wheelchair Lift For Installation

Positioning Your Wheelchair Lift For Installation

The single most common question we get regarding installing an enclosed wheelchair lift, both commercial and residential models, is how do I get it lifted in to place. In this example we first had to get the lift off the trailer. There is no set or perfect way to move a lift. Each installation is different and poses unique challenges to positioning. The taller the lift the more challenging it becomes. We were fortunate in this example to have a drive through barn with an apartment.

To get the lift off the trailer we installed two boards across the upright beams in the structure. A come along was used on each end to lift the crate and the truck was simply driven out from under. The wheelchair lift crate was then slowly dropped down to rest on two, 4-wheel dolly racks as shown. At that point the entire assembly could be moved around at will.

You will also see that we removed the siding on the tower to reduce the weight prior to hoisting it in place.

We always take every opportunity to review why the wheelchair lift carriage platform sits 2 inches above the floor. This video offers a nice view of what we are trying to describe, and why a ramp must be used to get up to the carriage floor if the lift is not recessed.

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