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New Technology Makes Residential Wheelchair Lifts Even Safer

Posted August 19, 2013
With technology advancing every day, residential wheelchair lifts have become top of the line machines to help transport people throughout their homes. There are so many built in advances to ensure safety and convenience, you would be surprised what features are included. Since any type of vertical lift could cause a problem if it was not working properly, it is important for each model to have multiple safety features. Just like the many safety options in an elevator, residential wheelchair lifts have been improving to keep you and your loved ones safe.
Not Just a Seat Belt
A residential wheelchair can be incredibly useful for homes that have multiple floors. But how can you be sure that you will be transported safely up and down throughout your home? Wheelchair lifts now have sensors that can detect if anything is going wrong. Besides being strapped in, your wheelchair lift can have under panel sensors in order to tell when it has arrived at the destination. They can even have an audio visual alarm in order to notify you immediately if there has been a problem with your lift. Rest easy knowing an emergency alarm will go off since your lift can detect if anything goes wrong.
Your Lift Adjusts to You 
Besides fancy sensors that monitor your lift functions, residential wheel chair lifts now make it easy and convenient for you to be transported. There are manual and automatic options to operate your lift. Whether you feel more comfortable pressing a button and controlling your speed, or would rather just have the machine do it itself, it's all up to you. Your lift can even automatically place ramps on both sides of the lift so you can get on and off effortlessly.
Preventing Issues With Safety Features
Instead of simply detecting if something goes wrong with your lift, a residential wheelchair lift has built in features to prevent issues from happening. There are cable safety devices, anti-skid surfaces, grab rails and comfortable seating to make you safe and comfortable. No longer do you have to worry about your lift stopping halfway to your floor or slipping in the lift. Wheelchair lifts have been carefully designed to make your safety the priority. 
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