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Is a Commercial Wheelchair Lift Right for You?

Posted May 13, 2013
With the invention of wheelchair ramps and elevators, came more freedom for the wheelchair-bound public.  Along with those inventions, also came more opportunities for business owners to cater to the needs of their disabled patrons.  While ramps and elevators are wonderful tools for business owners and their customers, they do have their bad points.
Elevators are, for the most part, safe and convenient but they come with enormous installation costs, in fact the estimated cost to install an elevator is between $15,000 and $30,000.
Ramps are another story, trying to get the correct height, with the precise pitch, in the smallest space possible, can pose a logistical nightmare.  Not to mention ramps can be downright unsafe. Even if the ramps themselves are indoors they can get slick when rain or snow is tracked inside or someone could lose their hand-hold on the wheelchair, causing it to roll down the ramp out of control.  There are many injuries, and lawsuits, every year involving wheelchair ramp accidents.
Fortunately, now you have other options, one of which is the AmeriGlide Hercules II 600 Commercial Vertical Wheelchair Lift.   Much like an elevator in its make-up, the Hercules II 600 wheel chair lift, allows disabled people to move up or down a level.  It is easy to use; the person in the wheel chair simply rolls onto the lift platform and uses the control button to move the lift from a lower level up to a higher level or vice versa.   Once on the new level the passenger merely rolls out of the lift gate.  Wheel chair lifts are very safe. There are sensors located along the bottom of the lift to stop it immediately if it encounters any obstacles. There is an automatic folding ramp that provides easy entry, and adds stability when the lift is in motion. There is a backup battery in case of power outage.  Lifts also have an emergency stop button, as well as a constant pressure rocker switch. The AmeriGlide Hercules II 600 Commercial Vertical Wheelchair Lift is a safe, secure, and cost effective way to give your clients and customers the freedom and mobility they deserve.  
Let Universal Accessibility help you decide if a vertical wheelchair lift is right for your business.
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