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Improving Accessibility for Families with Special Needs Children

Posted July 15, 2013

Accessibility can be a big issue for families when a special needs child is part of the mix. While there are many options and products that are now available on the market a few in particular will become necessary additions:


Wheelchair or Scooter Lifts

An invaluable resource for the family. A few key considerations include the type of vehicle you will be using, whether you want the lift inside or outside the vehicle, and what type of scooter or wheelchair you have. There are a wide variety of lifts available that will meet your need for portability of a scooter or wheelchair without breaking the family budget.


Bathtub or Shower Adaptation or Replacement

From front-loading to hydrotherapy, walk-in to roll-in, large to small, there are options to suit your preferences. Will you be staying in your current home for a long period of time? Then an overhaul of the spaces your child will use the most will be beneficial to you in the future. Planning to move soon? Then minor adjustments can make the difference in comfort until the process of moving is complete. Either way, an investment in something that you will use daily is a great place to start.


Vertical Platform Lifts, Ramps, and Stair Lifts

Stairs can become a hazard or a limitation to access without adaptation. Two primary accommodations include the use of ramps or stair lifts. Again, long and short-term planning will influence your decision of which to use, as well as the location in which the adjustment is needed. For interior stairs the option of a stair lift can be an affordable, safe solution to accessing upper floors of the home, particularly if the family will remain in the home for an extended period of time. When addressing outdoor needs, a vertical platform lift, a ramp, or outdoor stair lift can be an easy solution to improving access. 


Pool Lifts

Whether the pool is a source of therapy or relaxation, accessibility can quickly become limited when your child is as big as you! Consider a pool lift to continue enjoyment of the outdoors with the family. 



Become an for ADA access in your neighborhood or community by proposing affordable solutions that will increase access for all people with disabilities. If it is a limitation for your child, then it is potentially a limitation for others. Be positive in making suggestions for improvements and be willing to discuss needs. People in charge will typically be open to listening when you can help with the process of improving community experiences. Rely on experts in the industry to aide you in the process!

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