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Improving The Lives Of People With Mobility Impairments

For some people it is difficult to envision life with a mobility handicap. You might always have to be seated in a wheelchair or scooter. You might have to depend on someone else to push your chair or drive you around. It is difficult to pick some things up or even to keep yourself as clean as you wish at times. Perhaps most frustrating, how do you enter or exit your residence?  Many, if not most, houses have entrances with steps attached to the front ledge or porch.  This is a huge problem for a person with impaired mobility.
Universal Accessibility is devoted to solving this problem.  There are only a few ways to bypass stairs while staying seated on your wheelchair or scooter- ramps, wheelchair lifts, or incline platform lifts
Ramps can be unsightly and sometimes destroy the possibility of a front yard or garden. They can also be steep, slippery, and a pain to maneuver up and down on a daily basis.
Wheelchair lifts can be much easier and Universal Accessibility can help you plan and fit one to your home. These lifts have to be built to fit the architectural specifications of the house with a power source, and a flat, sturdy foundation underneath. We walk you through this process of planning for the installation of a vertical lift one step at a time, too.
The wheelchair lift takes very little room and is not very conspicuous on the house. The rider opens a latched gate, rolls onto the lift deck, turns a key that unlocks the power switch, pushes with very little pressure on a rocker plate and then enjoys the ride, which is smooth and unhurried. When the lift stops at door level, the passenger rolls off the lift and enters the residence. It is a very easy and comfortable process.
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