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Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts Improve Quality of Life

Posted September 23, 2013

Accessibility and mobility are challenges many physically impaired people face. Like Anchorage Alaska resident Blaine Miller. Having found it difficult to get adequate taxi service for his frequent trips to Ted Stevens International Airport, Miller has taken to arranging for cab service the night before and offering an additional $100 if the driver arrives on time. Without such an incentive, Miller has found himself waiting hours for a taxi to arrive, if it arrives at all. Unfortunately, Miller’s story is not unique. Fellow Anchorage resident Ric Nelson has given up all together going out for a night on the town with his friends for fear of being stranded. Although Anchorage’s two cab companies have vehicles equipped with vehicle wheelchair lifts, disabled residents still appear to have issues receiving adequate service.

Communities all over are recognizing the challenge of some of its residents to live a full and active life. Residents of Jessamine Kentucky have taken to having an annual fundraiser, Walk MS, that provides not only research dollars and financial assistance to local residents with multiple sclerosis, but it also provides for vehicle wheelchair lifts for residents in need.

American Legion Post 328 in Norco California was recently donated a twelve-passenger bus to accommodate the transporting of some of its members. Equipped with a vehicle wheelchair lift the bus will improve the quality of life for veterans in the area and grant them the opportunity to be more mobile as well as more social.

Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, citizens with physical impairments now have equal access to public facilities as well as public transportation. Unfortunately, citizens in more rural areas as well as those wishing to maintain a greater level of independence still find it difficult to live a full and active life. As is evident in Blaine Miller’s story and the efforts of the Jessamine community, vehicle wheelchair lifts can be a saving grace in the lives of our physically impaired neighbors.

Independence is a fundamental part of overall quality of life. With that in mind, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to maintain their independence throughout their life.

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