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Standard Features Included With Most Stairlifts

AmeriGlide Heavy Duty Stair Lift

Folding Foot Rests and Seats 

Stair lift seats and footrests generally fold up. We are often asked how much room a stair lift takes up when folded. The answer is typically 14 inches from the wall when folded. However, keep in mind that unless the chair is in motion it will always be parked at the top or bottom with call-send controls active. All in all, space is usually not a big concern unless the stairway is unusually narrow.


Seat Belts 

All stair lifts have seat belts. Not everyone uses them, similar to automobiles. We recommend, however, that you never use one without the seat belt fastened securely. The chairs are designed to prevent falls; falling out of a chair with the seat belt unfastened has the effect of defeating the lift's purpose.


Hinged Rails

Hinged rails are not standard equipment, but are available on all stair lifts. The purpose of a hinged rail is to remove the track that extends beyond the end of the last step at the bottom of the stairs. The track may extend out into a walkway or obstruct the full opening of a door. In either case, a folding hinged rail solves the problem.


Raised Mounting Brackets 

Raised mounting brackets are not standard equipment on all stair lifts. Raised mounting brackets are mounted under the track at the top of the stairs to prevent the track from obstructing a door at the top of the stairs. In order for the stair lift to reach the top, landing the track must extend beyond the edge of the landing as much as a foot. The track can be raised using raised mounting brackets to allow the door to close.


Swivel Seats 

It is essential that a person intending to use a stair lift be able to sit in the chair with the chair facing into the room or hallway, and away from the stairs. This entry procedure minimizes any possibility of a fall while attempting to sit down in the chair. The same applies to the exit procedure at the bottom. You should always plan to swivel the chair in to the room or hallway, stand up, and walk straight away from the chair. Swivel seats not only swivel but also lock into position, which is also an essential to safety precaution.


Call Send Stations

Though it may seem elementary, we get a lot of questions about how to retrieve a stair chair, if it is parked at the top and you are at the bottom. Most stairlifts have two sets of call-send controls, one for the top of the stairs, and one for the bottom. There are several different types of call-send units, depending upon which model you purchase. Some can be mounted to the wall, and others are designed to set just beneath the upper and lower track so they can be activated by stepping on them. One press will call the chair to you or send it to the top as you require. Keep in mind that some stair lifts are designed to carry items, and you may need to send the items up by themselves, or call them down as a convenience.


Emergency Stop Switches

All stair lifts, regardless of model or make, must be equipped with emergency stop switches that automatically stop the lift if it meets with any kind of obstruction. Without an emergency sensor switch, the user could suffer a serious injury. Emergency stop switches are mounted on the seats and footrests of all stair lifts to avoid such injuries. Make doubly sure that all safety pressure stop switches are operating properly if you change the battery yourself on a DC model.


Constant-Pressure Arm Rest Controls

The controls that a stair chair occupant uses to move the lift are mounted on the armrest. In some cases they are pressure switches under the end lip of the rest, and in others they are toggles that are pressed forward or back. In every case, you must keep constant pressure on the switch for the stair chair to continue moving. This safety feature insures that the occupant is always in full control of the motion of the stair lift.



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