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Why choose an AmeriGlide Stairlift

1. Will it hold up?: We never compromise on quality. As a result Ameriglide AC, DC, or HD units have far fewer maintenance calls than other stair lifts. Due to our lower maintenance requirements we are able to provide a 10 year drive train and 3 year parts warranty. This is simply one of the most reliable stair lifts available anywhere today at any price.

2. Is there a lot of maintenance?: Part of the secret to low maintenance is quality as described in 1 above, and the other part is design. Ameriglide stair lifts are driven by a 4200 pound strength aircraft cable. As a result the unit is smooth running with no jerky starts or stops as when gears engage on other brands. Due to the sealed gearbox on Ameriglides there is nothing to lubricate (as on other brands)that collects dirt and will eventually leak out. There are fewer parts to replace or break such as gear teeth. We do little things such as installing a spare fuse under the plug so you dont have to call for maintenance if you've had an overload. The proof is in the experience and Ameriglide lifts are nearly maintenance free.

3. Will my Ameriglide AC, DC, or HD be reliable?: The emphasis is on quality, simplistic design, and zero maintenance all add up to reliability. The warranty reflects it and the significantly lower level of service calls prove it beyond question. Just to make doubly sure, we tested the motor and drive mechanism for 16 years of equivalent use before incorporating them into our permanent design. And how about a "little thing" called circuit boards? Circuit boards have a tendency to crack and destroy electrical connections when vibrated for extended periods. How do we solve this "little detail"? We don't use circuit boards.

4. Are Ameriglide AC, DC, and HD units safe to use?: Quality and design simplicity reflect an attitude within a company and what follows is the same feelings about safety. It isn't compromised in any way. Each footrest has safety sensors that stop the lift in either direction should it contact any obstacle. Seats are equipped with a seat belt and a safety switch that allows the seat to remain firmly in position without the fear of movement. .

5. OK, its designed simply but is it comfortable?: AmeriGlide stairlifts have heavily padded fold up seats and we offer an extra wide seat if you need one. The seat swivels 180 degrees in each direction and snaps into place to create a stable platform for sitting down or standing up and walking away onto the landing. The fold-up footrest adjusts for two positions and the backrest has three positions for your unique requirements. The speed of the lift is slow and steady to increase comfort and a feeling of stability.

6. How about Installation?:We encourage many of our customers to install their Ameriglides AC, DC and HD lifts. The process only requires simple hand tools and an electric screwdriver makes it quicker. Nothing attaches to the wall, only the step treads. There is no need to remove handrails and carpet is actually a bonus as it provides a cushion for the track. If you just don't want to attempt it thats OK. We install anywhere in the USA at a very reasonable cost.

7. How is an Ameriglide AC, DC, or HD unit shipped?: We pay all shipping charges within the continental US. We ship UPS and our typical schedule is around 5 business days. Your lift will arrive in 3 boxes. One (25x15x16-38 pounds)contains the seat, one (30x21x24-110 pounds) contains the control housing, and the third one (approximately 80x9x5-75 pounds) contains the track.

8. How about service after the sale?: We have employees that install these lifts available for your assistance anytime 9am to 9pm eastern time. In addition, the factory has a representative available during factory hours for the really tough questions. No other website matches this example of our responsive attitude.

9. What about the factory warranty?: Our warranty is the best available from any brand. The Ameriglide AC and DC warranty is for 5 full years from the date of receipt on the motor and gears, and 10 years on the rest of the unit. You don't have to interpret what is meant by drive train, housing, etc in the two year period. It's just plain covered like a blanket.

10. How does the value compare?: This is one major question who's answer speaks for itself. Check the price and compare this page carefully with any other brand or internet site or dealer. Your answer will be self evident.

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