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AmeriGlide Drive Train

1. No oil / vent plug in gear: The gearbox is sealed and is filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil. This means no chance of leaking or spillage. The gear is one of the largest in the stair lift market today. The aluminum casting used in its design allows for lighter weight to go with its maximum performance.

2. Drive system: A belt is used between the motor and gear instead of a direct connection as manufacturers were unable to guarantee the elimination of key noise between a coupled drive system. It also simplifies serviceability.

3. Motor: Through the design of a dual capacitor system, the instant reversing motor (1/3 hp, 110vac) uses only 3 wires and runs at 6 amps at full load. This allows installation in the home without need for a dedicated outlet.

4. Aircraft cable: Using 3/16 dia. Cable instead of traditional 1/8 dia. Cable allows for a breaking strength of 4200 lbs. vs. 2000 lbs. The cable wraps on an aluminum cast drum, grooved for each wrap. This eliminates noise and problems caused by stack winding issues. The cable system is direct drive, meaning there are no pulleys and the cable does not move.

Cable Drive vs Rank and Pinion

AmeriGlide stair lifts utilize a state of the art cable drive system. Our lift has been designed so the cable does not move, never needs lubrication, and does not rub against itself, resulting is a safe, quiet, maintenance free drive train. In addition, we use steel aircraft cable with a breaking strength of 4200 lbs, eliminating safety and capacity issues.

Most of our competitors use a rack and pinion (meaning gear and teeth) drive system. The systems must be cleaned and lubricated regularly to prevent damage to the components. Gear teeth can also be hazardous should a child reach into the rack area. Every elevator you ride utilizes steel aircraft cable as their suspension means. None use rack and pinion as their drive system.

We believe our cable system is superior to rank and pinion enabling us to provide you with a maintenance free, smooth operating, safe, quiet stair lift.

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